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Julian Gollop reviving 1985's 'Chaos: The Battle Wizards'

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Father of all things X-COM, Julian Gollop, has revealed that his next project will revive the 1985 ZX-Spectrum game, Chaos: The Battle Wizards.

Gollop revealed the game's revival on Twitter, saying, "OK it's official! I am working on a sequel/remake to my classic ZX Spectrum game 'Chaos' – for iOS, PC, Mac – maybe more." Despite one fan pleading for a PS3 release, Gollop said extending the revival to that platform (and presumably other consoles) would only be possible if the current planned platforms see a profit.

Gollop noted the game "will be 3D for sure," revealing it will be powered by the Unity3D engine. Work has only just begun, so we aren't likely to see a finished product for "about a year or so."

The original turn-based game was written by Gollop and published by Games Workshop, garnering enough of a following that a sequel, Lords of Chaos, was developed by Gollop's Mythos Games, which went on to make 1997's X-COM: Apocalypse.

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