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Wreck-It Ralph iOS game launches alongside film today


Tie-in games aren't typically wells of expectation, but it's a little different when the thing tied into is an homage to gaming. So as much as we're expecting big things from the movie, we're also hopeful for Wreck-It Ralph's tie-in games, including the iOS one released today.

Wreck-it Ralph on iOS is actually a mini-game collection, so there's a good start. The first mini-game is the 8-bit styled 'Fix-It Felix Jr,' in which you hop across an apartment block trying to repair windows, avoiding bricks chucked at you by the Kong-like Ralph. The second, 'Sweet Climber,' plays like a candy-sprinkled version of Doodle Jump. The final mini-game is 'Hero's Duty,' which based on the corresponding film trailer ought to be like Mass Effect or Halo. In fact it's a top-down twin-stick shooter, although you're still fending off loads of aliens.

Wreck-It Ralph will get future mini-game updates, including a racer called 'Turbo Time.' In the meantime, you can buy it with the 3 mini-games currently available for 99 cents. If you'd prefer to try before you buy, Fix-It Felix Jr. is also available as a free standalone.

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