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The Daily Grind: Do you like one-time events?

Eliot Lefebvre

Pretty much everyone who plays Guild Wars 2 enjoyed the Halloween event for the game, but it's also understood (tacitly if not explicitly) that something similar will be coming around again next year. That's a given. But the game is throwing itself right back into the habit again this month with the heavily teased Lost Shores event promised for later this month. More to the point, this event is poised to be a one-time thing -- something that goes live and then vanishes if you miss out the first time.

Having events that arrive but once certainly helps make the world feel dynamic and engaging, so there's a good reason to keep them going. On the other hand, if the events offer some unique vanity item, anyone who happens to miss out for real life reasons is just plain out of luck (which is exactly what happened to some Guild Wars 2 players in the path of Hurricane Sandy). It also can create a barrier to entry, as missing one event means you've suddenly been knocked out of the loop.

So do you like one-time events? Do you want them tied to something specific, like an expansion release, or would you rather see them just brought out randomly or dropped altogether?

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