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Guild Wars 2 reserved names to be released on Nov 8th

Way, way back in time, when Guild Wars 2 first launched, character names in the original Guild Wars were reserved for those who had linked their accounts. Originally, the intent was that those names would be reserved for the headstart weekend and launch day, then released so that if someone had been sitting on Legolas Greenleaf but didn't claim it, that coveted name could be put to use. In response to a veritable flood of account issues and support tickets, however, ArenaNet postponed the release of those names -- until now. Well, not precisely now, but November 8th.

Previously reserved names will be put up for grabs on the 8th at 5:00 p.m. EST. That means if you've been putting off getting one of your own reserved names onto a new character, mark your calendars!

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