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Team Meat digs up first Mew-Genics characters, art each Caturday


Mew-Genics, the next game in a line of cheerfully disturbing adventures from Team Meat, stars Mr. Tinkles, Dr. Beanies and of course a cat with an extra head, early images show. Team Meat is disseminating five silhouttes of a full Mew-Genics teaser picture, one every Caturday (ahem, "Saturday," that is), until the full image is revealed.

The first teaser in the silhouette showdown is Mr. Tinkles, a flamboyant "Party Gurl" with cat trophies as back-up dancers. Mr. Tinkles was revealed last week via the Team Meat Twitter. This Caturday (Saturday, sorry), we see Dr. Beanies, a worried-looking scientist with a cute cat in his lab, introduced on the Team Meat blog.

Check out Dr. Beanies below, and stay tuned to Team Meat next Caturday (SATURDAY, damn it) for a new teaser.

MewGenics teaser art

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