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Breakfast Topic: What Mists feature could you do without?


I'm not saying I think pet battles stink -- in fact, for the many players who've been happily sucked into them (which seems to be almost everybody), pet battles have turned out to be an awesome addition to WoW. But I confess: I wish they hadn't been put into the game. You see, I enjoyed collecting vanity pets for absolutely no reason at all. The fact that pets now have an actual purpose and are one of the runaway hits of the expansion takes away the whole crazy cat lady aspect of collecting for me.

Oh, I'll still make sure I have my trusty Captured Firefly at my side on every character I play. But the idea of battling her? Eh, not my cup of tea. Sounds like lots of people are enjoying pet battles, but it's a competitive angle that's just not my thing. At this point, I've dropped back to collecting a favored few companions. Maybe I'll go all Dawn Moore and start collecting rocks, too.

Call me weird. (Plenty of people do.) But I know your secret -- I know there's probably something popular in Mists you're not so crazy about, either. What's that one little thing in Mists that everyone seems to love but that just hasn't captured your imagination? Is there something that came in with the expansion that by every right should be a neat, fun addition yet for some reason doesn't float your boat?

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