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EVE Online readies $10,000 tournament


EVE Online is ramping up for its New Eden Open, a six-day tournament with a prize pot totaling $10,000. Currently, 524 players are registered to participate in 27 teams, although CCP admits that the tournament didn't fill up to the 32 teams it had hoped. The studio has, however, closed the door to any further registrations.

A dev blog illuminates some of the nitty-gritty details leading up to the tournament, including where and when teams can practice and how the absence of a full roster will affect the elimination brackets.

Of most interest, however, is the schedule for the tournament. CCP breaks the event down day by day as the New Eden Open proceeds from November 17th through December 2nd. The studio also announced that it will host contests and giveaways for viewers during the tournament, although details on these are still forthcoming.

For more information on the New Eden Open, check out our EVE Evolved column on the event.

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