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LogMeIn's Cubby cloud storage service enters 'Open Beta' phase, welcomes new signups


It's been quite a few months since LogMeIn decided to explore the relatively crowded cloud-based storage space, but after months of existing as a private beta only, today the company's Cubby is finally reaching a more open stage. Essentially, this novel "Open Beta" will allow new folks to see what the fresh service is all about -- which includes 5GB of free storage space (up to 20GB more if you introduce people to the interestingly-named offering) and what Cubby's calling its "signature" DirectSync feature, one that allows for unlimited file syncing across Mac and PCs. Needless to say, with services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive having been around for some time now, LogMeIn's Cubby certainly has its work cut out for it -- that said, it never hurts to have one too many options. Right?

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