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Mass Effect 3 Wii U launches November 18


Mass Effect 3 will be available for purchase alongside the Wii U when it launches on November 18 in North America, BioWare confirms today. Mass Effect 3 will also be a launch title in Europe on November 30 and in Japan on December 5.

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U includes the game's Extended Cut and From Ashes DLC, along with an updated version of the Genesis comics from Darkhorse. According to BioWare external producer Melanie Faulknor, the Wii U version also packs the multiplayer add-ons Rebellion, Resurgence, and Earth.

The Genesis comic was first introduced in Mass Effect 2 on PS3, giving players a chance to mold the events from the first game, which was not available on the platform. In the Wii U update, players will be able to craft their stories from the first two Mass Effect games and bring those decisions into Mass Effect 3.

The Omega DLC slated for later this month wasn't addressed, so we imagine Wii U players will have to download the DLC just like everyone else. No more special treatment!

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