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New combat trailer demonstrates Mabinogi 2 Arena battles

MJ Guthrie

Mabinogi 2 Arena, Nexon's recently revealed companion to Mabinogi and Vindictus (AKA Mabinogi Heroes in the east), takes a good fight and makes it the centerpiece of the game. Slated to launch later this year, the action MMO allows players to fight in arena combat as well as spectate others' matches. While a previous video showed off some character models and environments for the upcoming game, Nexon's latest official trailer gives folks a taste of the actual combat moves players can expect.

The video shows off both 1v1 and one vs. many scenarios; various kicks, throws, slaps, and slices are exchanged between characters as well as inflicted upon nondescript practice dummies. Footage also demonstrates battle atop dinosaur-like and mechanical mounts, with the pet/mount dealing its own damage. Check out the action after the break.

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