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Guitar Hero co-creator gets down with new peripheral gig, Green Throttle


Co-creator of the Guitar Hero franchise Charles Huang is stepping into the gaming-peripheral business once again, this time with a mobile-to-TV app and controller under a new company, Green Throttle Games. Green Throttle hopes to turn smartphone games into big-screen experiences by connecting mobile devices directly to HDTVs, playable on wireless, Bluetooth controllers via the Green Throttle Arena App.

Green Throttle consists of Huang, former Palm Pre lead Matt Crowley and previous Palm Pilot electrical engineer Karl Townsend. The whole idea seems to take the Ouya idea one step further in terms of hardware, eliminating the need for a new console while still hosting downloadable, big-screen games. Of course there's no word yet if games on Green Throttle will be free as they are on Ouya, but the company is developing games in-house and today opens the SDK to third parties.

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