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Should quest valor points convert once we're capped?

Matthew Rossi

I personally haven't had this happen yet but I know plenty of people who cap on valor for the week by, say, Thursday and then have to run their dailies for rep and get no valor points for them. Apparently Trankos is one of these people. He posted to the forums that he capped on Sunday and then of course got no further valor points from doing dailies. What I found interesting was Taepsilum's response.

Taepsilum - Dailies when VP is cap
I understand that when you invest some of your time into dailies, ideally you want to be fully rewarded, but if you're already capped, I'm just guessing but that probably means that you've probably got some of your valor points by running dungeons/raids and didn't do enough dailies to get the level of reputation required to be able to purchase more gear.
I think planning for this kind of situation is also part of gameplay, trying to be efficient and predicting future purchases is always a good idea.

But I do think that this idea has some value and of course, there are many other things that can cause a player to cap on valor points, like levelling a specific reputation and getting items from some raid bosses that are equivalent or better than those that you were planning to get from rep, running too many dungeons instead of doing dailies, etc...
I'll pass this idea along to our development team and we'll see what they have to say about it.

What interested me about this is manifold. With the ability to upgrade gear with Justice Points coming in patch 5.1, it would be nice to be able to get more of them. I also like the idea of getting an extra value after capping, similar to how we get more gold for quests once we're capped on XP. Another possibility that comes to mind to me would be to get extra reputation from a daily quest when you're capped on valor. Frankly, I'd like that even more than gold or JP.

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