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DC Comics makes deal for Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook


I've written a few times here about Comixology and its strong hold on comics on the iPad, and DC Comics has now signed a deal to put its funny books on three big digital platforms, including Apple's iBookstore. iBooks already had some DC graphic novels available, but this deal is set up to bring DC's monthly releases to customers there as well. DC says that digital sales per title top out at about 40 percent, but overall are up 197 percent year over year, showing that there's a huge amount of potential in selling digital comic books over devices like the iPad.

This news is bad for Comixology. While that company still has a great app, a huge userbase and licenses for all kinds of awesome content, you have to think that the iBooks audience is bigger, and Apple's licensing department can eventually get whatever it wants. If comics become a big deal on the iBookstore, that seems like it can only hurt Comixology's sales.

Comixology is a company that's being run very well, and I have no doubt that they're already thinking about how to compete with iBooks. But for now, this is just good news for comic book fans; you'll have one more way to grab your monthly issues on the iPad.

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