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Gran Turismo now cruising at 67.89 million series sales, GT5 over 9 million


The Gran Turismo sales-o-meter is now at 67.89 million, according to the latest stats published by developer Polyphony Digital. Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 5 is in the slipstream of double figures, now up to 9 million units sold worldwide. While it still ranks as the lowest-selling main entry in the series (on PS3), it's closing in on fourth-placed Gran Turismo 2 (9.4 million).

The majority of those 67.89 million series sales come from Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4, and the original Gran Turismo, speeding in at 14.9, 11.6, and 10.9 million respectively. As impressive as those figures are, Gran Turismo isn't the best-selling racing series out there. That accolade belongs to Need for Speed, which drove past 100 million sales back in 2009. We somehow suspect the two series' sales-per-game figures tell a different story.

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