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SOE shows off EverQuest II's afterlife in new expansion video

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II's ninth expansion is less than a week away, so expect Sony Online Entertainment to ramp up the publicity machine in the coming days. The first salvo is a new video focused on Chains of Eternity's environmental spiffiness. Game Designer Nathan McCall and Senior Environment Artist Maria Del Casino narrate a quick look at the new zones of Ethernere, otherwise known as Norrath's afterlife.

"When you get to Ethernere, you really have to question whether this is reality or not," says McCall, before going on to describe the Obol Plains and the Eidolon Jungle with terms like "lush" and "technicolor." It's not all bright colors and happy fun times, though, as SOE also shows off some eerie grayscale locations and plenty of fearsome mobs. See all that and more in the clip after the cut.

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