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Star Wars: The Old Republic dev blog outlines upcoming F2P transition


BioWare will be rolling out Star Wars: The Old Republic's official transition to a free-to-play business model very soon, so today the game's lead designer, Damion Schubert, has put out a new developer update apprising players of the status of SWTOR's F2P incarnation. In this new missive, Schubert lays out two of the core rules held by the development team behind the free-to-play revamp.

First off, the team wants to ensure that all players can reach level 50 without paying a single dime if they so desire. Of course, subscribers will have some advantages over F2P players (such as an increased rate of XP gain, extra hotbars, and so forth), but the team is adamant about ensuring that all players can experience the entirety of BioWare's intricately crafted story without digging into their wallets. Secondly, the team aims to ensure that subscribers will not see any degradation in the quality of their gameplay experience, which includes making sure that subscribers don't feel obligated to make Cartel Market purchases in order to remain competitive. Schubert confidently asserts that the team "not only met these goals... but exceeded expectations." We'll find out for sure soon enough, but for now, head on over to the official post to find out what to expect when SWTOR goes free-to-play later this month.

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