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Crysis 3 pre-order perks go Predator with bow, arrow, suit, more


Pre-orders of Crysis 3 get upgraded to the Hunter Edition, which includes the following multiplayer perks: Predator Bow, Recon Arrow, Hunter Nanosuit Module, a level 5 XP headstart and three exclusive dog tags. This is on top of the free digital copy of the original Crysis already announced.

The Predator Bow allows firing while cloaked and the Recon Arrow is a long-distance projectile with "advanced optical recognition," which sounds like something we heard during our last eye exam. The Hunter Nanosuit Module removes all suit sounds while moving and muffles footsteps, like an invisibility cloak for the ears.

Of course, Crysis 3 pre-orders get a free download of Crysis for Origin, Xbox Live or PSN, according to pre-order platform.

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