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Father flips Link's gender to make his daughter the heroine


Maya has really been enjoying The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Her father, developer Mike Hoye, says she likes "sailing, scary birds and remembering to be brave," much like Link, the game's protagonist. But girls can go on adventures and rescue their little brothers, too!

To emphasize that, Hoyes altered the game's disk image with a hex editor, changing all of the dialogue references about Link's gender to be feminine. Since all the alternatives had to be exactly the same byte-for-byte length, he used "swordmain" for "swordsman," and "milady" in place of "my lad" and "master." He's provided a patch for the disk image, which you can then load up in a GameCube emulator to play.

The end result of all this hacking is that a little girl gets to see herself as the hero, and find the courage to defeat Ganon in her own little heart. And that makes us feel, just, you know, so ... What? No, we're not crying! Call of Duty, bro! Go have a look at the Wii U pictures again.

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