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Origin gets live streaming support


Origin is getting support, letting users connect their Origin account to their channels and set up live streams within EA's portal. The new feature is being rolled out initially to those who've opted in for beta updates, and then everyone else will have it. Since it's in beta, EA notes greater functionality will come over time.

As it stands, players can adjust the stream's resolution and frame rate within Origin, and see an optional in-game "indicator" overlay which displays the number of people tuning in, along with how long the stream's been going.

Interestingly, EA's announcment comes on the same day Activision confirmed YouTube live streaming for Black Ops 2, and hot on the heels of Sony revealing support for Planetside 2. A representative tells us the site is up to 23 million unique visitors per month, with 200,000 unique broadcasters. The whole world is streaming or watching streams, it seems, and the big guns are getting involved.

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