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Apple tweaks App Store category page design


In a minor but potentially excellent change to the iOS version of the App Store, each app category now has its own "Featured" page, complete with a curated selection of top apps. Previously, there was just a single Featured section, and navigating to separate categories provided only a list of the best selling paid and free apps. MacStories notes that the newly implemented category pages feature wide banners and plenty of promotional space.

The new category Featured pages are only accessible from the main Featured page. A list of popular categories and a drop-down menu now appears at the top on both iPad and iPhone versions of the store. Pick a category from the list and you will be taken to the new, category-specific Featured page.

Getting promoted on the App Store is a big deal to developers, so adding new promotional sections for each category should help more developers gain exposure -- and hopefully help us discover cool apps we otherwise wouldn't have seen.

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