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    Daily iPhone App: Wizardlings doesn't quite live up to its reputation


    Wizardlings has quite the pedigree: Not only was it published by Square Enix (who are of course legendary for their JRPGs), but it was created by Liv Games, the great indie company behind the iOS hits Legendary Wars and Monster Wars. Unfortunately, Wizardlings is a pretty simple app designed for a very casual audience. You start off as a young wizard and make your way around a grid-based world, trying to complete quests and collect items as you go.

    And... that's pretty much it. There is some combat, as you'll find various creatures on the way, and there is a very light crafting mechanic requiring you to pick up elements and put them together into spells and treasure sets, but all of this is basically governed by just tapping on squares as you go. The whole affair isn't very deep, and as a result it's not very interesting.

    Still, Liv Games knows how to make a colorful title, and despite the game's simplicity, it can be addictive to tap square after square to see what you can find. As you can see in the video below, I can't help tapping even as I'm saying how boring it can be to just tap and tap again. But Wizardlings is a free download, so if you want to head out for a little mindless exploration, give it a try.

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