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Report: SEALs disciplined over MoH: Warfighter involvement, walruses sternly scolded


A group of Navy SEALs are in trouble with Uncle Sam for consulting on EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter. So far seven SEALs have received letters of reprimand, effectively denying them the prospect of promotion, and had half their salaries docked for two months.

One of the affected SEALs was part of SEAL Team Six, the outfit made famous for taking down Osama Bin Laden. Though Medal of Honor: Warfighter has no missions based on the storming of Bin Laden's compound, the SEALs were privy to classified data they were forbidden from sharing, CBS reports. It may be unrelated in the consultation, but Warfighter does have DLC loosely based on "Zero Dark Thirty," the movie adaptation of – you guessed it – the Bin Laden mission.

Four of the seven SEALs affected are still engaged in active duty and under investigation.

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