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The Daily Grind: What's the worst thing a cash shop can try to sell you?


MMO gamers, including our commenters and even some of our own writers, are in an uproar over the terms of Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming free-to-play transition. The game's F2P matrix seems to be hitting all the industry low points: lottery tickets, combat-affecting items, travel buffs, content caps, storage. Perhaps the worst of all is the quickbar unlocks. That's right -- if you want to play sublessly, you'll even have to pay to unlock extra hotkey bars.

I've certainly played free-to-play MMOs that didn't try to milk me dry or annoy me into a subscription, so I know it's possible to design a hybrid pay model that doesn't generate the community's ire. Still, most every cash shop features at least one thing that gets under my skin. So today we're wondering, what's that one thing for you -- what's the worst thing a cash shop can try to sell you?

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