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Watch an iPhone 4S launch in a model rocket for science

Apple devices are used to being at the center of out-of-this-world product launches, but at least one iPhone 4S has literally been at the center of a rocket launch. Yours could be, too, if you're up to following the instructions provided by amateur rocketeer Mike Westerfield.

As described in his detailed guide on MAKE, Westerfield devised a balsa wood cradle capable of holding his (clearly very understanding) wife's iPhone and a low-power Bluetooth sensor, which were then inserted into a model rocket. Using the sensor and an iOS program created in techBASIC, Westerfield was able to collect data about the rocket's launch, including its maximum altitude and speed, on the phone.

If, like us, you're mostly interested in seeing an industrious Apple fan send their wife's prized smartphone skyward on a plume of smoke and fire, you can do so in the video below.

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