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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is boring


When you're short on time and have an enormous, stinky backlog of games to catch up on (hello, Fallout 3), do you find yourself going back to the same games over and over again? I do, and while I love Minecraft to death, I have no reason to play it as much as I have been lately. Ultimately, I'm boring.

It takes a special kind of motivating force to keep me away from my go-to games and actually put a new disc in my consoles. Even as a kid, I found myself staring at my game boxes for hours (yes, actual hours), trying to determine which game I should play. A confession: I rarely play the games I claim I'll play in our weekly WRUP features. That's because I'm boring, and I'm betting you're boring too.

That's why we need to collectively agree on declaring an official "Beat Four Games Month," readers. If folks can decide to grow a mustache together in one month, we can agree to make a dent in our backlogs in one month as well. While you help decide which month we should shoot for, take a gander at last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

Assassin 'N' Seek (Legacy Control)
Mario's Nightmare (Dorkly)
Lost in Translation (Fanboys)
The Queue (Penny Arcade)
Historically Correct (Virtual Shackles)
Sticker Shortage (Brawl in the Family)


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