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Breakfast Topic: Where are the best special-occasion roleplaying spots in Pandaria?


OK, roleplayers, let's share some secret spots. Mists makes it pretty easy to find beautiful locations for special occasions. Pandaria is just so darn gorgeous! Still, sometimes a roleplaying occasion calls for something in particular: a wedding gazebo, a serene spot for a memorial, a plaza for a fireworks celebration ...

A couple of years ago, Dawn Moore offered up some wonderful roleplaying locales for the Cataclysm era. Then just last week, Anne Stickney gave us some ideas for everyday roleplaying hubs in Pandaria. You have to admit that idea about commandeering one of the deserted ships from Kun-Lai Summit/Jade Forest is sheer genius!

But what about just the right spot for a one-off occasion? Those are the sort of settings that are the trickiest to track down. Where would you go for a wedding ceremony in Pandaria? What about something small like a birthday party, or something large like a community fireworks celebration? (Yeah, I'm thinking the potential for this next Lunar Festival has a reach much, much longer than Moonglade.) How about a sober yet uplifting setting for a memorial service? Have you stumbled across any locations in Pandaria that seem to be crying out to be filled by some sort of quirky special event -- someplace eerie or creepy, silly, formal and judicial...?

You don't have to be a roleplayer to contribute to our list of ideas. What nooks and crannies have you discovered during your travels in Pandaria that seem to be perfect for a special occasion?

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