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Guild Wars 2 updates Lost Shores page with video, schedule


Hey karka, leave our kids alone! If you find yourself saying this at some point this week, it's probably because you're neck-deep in Guild Wars 2's latest content update, The Lost Shores. ArenaNet's updated the official page of the update with lots of time-specific information as well as a teaser video for the big event.

The first stage of Lost Shores begins on November 16th and tasks players to defend Lion's Arch. On the next day, the tides will turn as players seek to retake the town. The 17th is also when the new area, Southsun Cove, opens for business. Finally, there will be a one-time event on November 18th in Southsun Cove, where the invasion and counter-attack will come to a head.

You can watch the trailer after the jump, and don't forget to check out our Lost Shores primer!

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