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Makers of PaintCode open CodeAutomat service, for turning SVGs into code


I'm currently working on developing an iOS app in conjunction with a graphic designer, and because my design skills are pretty terrible, we set out to look for a solution to turn the scalable vector graphics (SVGs) he's designed into Objective-C code snippets I can insert directly in the app. There are a few different ways to do this, but it turns out that PaintCode (which Erica wrote about earlier this year) is the solution we're going with -- it's an app that will fairly easily convert scalable vector graphics into Objective-C code, which iOS can then use to draw out a user interface for a touch-based app.

And it just so happens that just as I found their app, the folks behind PaintCode have released a brand new product. CodeAutomat is a new service, from the same developers, that's designed to make SVG-to-code conversion as easy as possible. All you need to do is upload your SVG file on the site (you can even drag and drop it in), and then for a small charge (starting at US$4.99), the browser-based app will turn your graphic into code, using PaintCode's formula.

Now, PaintCode's price is $99.99 (on the Mac App Store now), so if you're converting a lot of graphics, you might want to splurge for the whole app. But the service is super easy to use, and works with any SVG file -- just plug it in and play. For those who need a few conversions but don't want to buy a whole app, CodeAutomat could be very helpful indeed.

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