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Transformation-focused Eclipse War Online debuts with video

MJ Guthrie

Players of the upcoming Korean MMO Eclipse War Online can transform into a variety of familiar and unique fantastical creatures, from massive-clawed scorpions to dragons to a blob with antennae. SC Internet recently introduced its new game that puts a twist on the standard adventuring: Instead of just being characters from stock races fighting against mobs, players can become the mob in fights!

If players acquire the transformation card, they will be able to transform into almost every monster in game -- including bosses. When in altered form, players then get some of that monster's special abilities to use on top of their own. Want to be a wolf? Go kill a wolf. The principle flows through to PvP as well; killing another player will net the victor some of the loser's skills. Choosing which form to fight in also becomes a matter of strategy, as some monsters' powers change depending on time of day, location, etc.

Want to get a gander at some of the available forms players can turn into? Catch a glimpse in the trailer after the break.

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