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WoW Moviewatch: It's a Hard Gnome Life


It's a pleasure to say I've known Wowcrendor for years. Among the huge World of Warcraft community, I frequently hold him up as an example of working hard, constantly improving, and pursuing your craft with earnest devotion. Wowcrendor has achieved incredible success and he deserves every inch of it.

Not sure what I mean? Take a trip down memory lane and visit It's a Hard Gnome Life, one of Wowcrendor's first videos. Released in 2009, the video doesn't enjoy much of the sophistication, wry humor, and flair that we've come to expect from the man. Nonetheless, you can see the seeds of his comedy and recognize a few of his more famous voices.

Maybe, even, there's some lessons in It's a Hard Gnome Life and Wowcrendor for the rest of us. My hat's off to you, Wowcrendor. Keep on keeping on.

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