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Amazon App Suite to be pre-loaded on Verizon Android devices starting with Droid DNA

Alexis Santos

Sure, HTC and Verizon may have given us the long awaited pricing and launch date details for the Droid DNA, but it omitted one tidbit that we'd heard of before: Amazon's App Suite. Starting with the DNA, select Android devices on Big Red -- presumably those that aren't of the "Google Experience" flavor -- will come loaded with the Amazon-focused pane on their home screens. Though a handful of Verizon phones are already pre-loaded with Audible, Zappos and Amazon's MP3, Kindle and Shopping apps, the suite will roll them up into one experience for easy access. By signing in with your existing Amazon account, content ranging from Kindle novels to MP3s will be at your fingertips. In addition, the Seattle-based retailer's complete selection of products are just an impulse buy away through the app. Hit the jump to check out the mobile storefront in action.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, App Suite doesn't support Amazon video. We've updated the post accordingly.

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