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Android 4.2 reaches some Galaxy Nexus phones early, grab the GSM version here (update: Nexus 7, too)


As Google Play groans under the clicks of early shoppers, Google's apparently got its software sorted too. A new Android 4.2 file for the Galaxy Nexus over at XDA-Developers matches reports we've had from users who have already been gifted the latest version of Jelly Bean over-the-air. Now, this is the 'takju' version, meaning it's meant for GSM devices ordered directly from Google, although the phone meddlers at XDA-Developers already have all the details needed to make the switch to this specific iteration. Sure you've got the right GSM Galaxy Nexus? Then, once you've read all the instructions and warnings from those aforementioned developers, you can pick up the download at the source below.

Update: We've added a link to download the Android 4.2 file for the Nexus 7 also. Enjoy!

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