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Avenger Advantage launches lever-laden Def-Con 4 controller on Kickstarter (video)


Avenger Advantage has been bringing tricked out game controllers to Xbox and PS3 for a while now, and it's just upped the hardcore quotient with a new Kickstarter model: the Def-Con 4. On top of the array of levers from the last Avenger that keep hand movement to a minimum, the new model will bring an extra palm lever, chrome-plated aesthetics and increased ruggedness, according to its creator. The company also promised extra goodies to early adopters like triggers and gel caps, though it should be noted that its last funding project, the Delta Six gun, was cancelled. If you're still willing to pony up for what looks like the T-800's personal controller, a $50 minimum chip-in will get you one -- hit the source or PR after the break to see how.

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Introduction on Kickstarter of the Most Powerful Avenger Ever Made:To Give Gamers
Super Human Abilities in Time for Black Ops 2

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Avenger Advantage, the company that manufactures and markets the popular gaming adapter, the Avenger Controller, today announced the launch of their newest product, the Def-Con 4 on crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.

"Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the next version of Call of Duty for months," says
David Kotkin, CEO of Avenger Advantage. "We think DC4 will give gamers everywhere an
advantage over their opponents-without cheating. Kickstarter's crowd funding platform
should be a perfect place for this," he continues. Kotkin's track record as an inventor who
has brought controller adapters to a broad market in recent years will also help Kickstarter
ensure that contributors are backing a product with extraordinary market potential. "I
have everything in place so it won't be a long wait," he added. "I am shooting for a 6 to
12 week delivery date, which for a crowd funding project is very fast." "With the significant
changes we have made, The Def-Con 4 is the best controller adapter we've ever made.
All the adapters that I make extend a player's reach, and increase speed by mechanical
leverage. Players in every financial bracket can participate in the crowd funding. In the
rewards section we offer mini stick-on Avengers at a nominal donation fee.

The mini Avengers stick on a regular 360 or PS3 controller and give you a great advantage for
under 10 dollars," he says. "We are doing this because we want our people to have a
controller that blows away anything they have seen before." Becoming a backer of the
Def-Con 4 project on Kickstarter will be an option through November 29, 2012. Beta
testing rewards will be available only to backers and not on
or stores.

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