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EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity launch day roundup

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II's ninth expansion launches today (we know, it seems like there have been at least 127 expansions, but that's EverQuest). Chains of Eternity introduces several of what SOE is calling "must-have" features to its long-running fantasy sequel. Chief among these are new prestige abilities, a level-cap bump (to 95), and adornments that become more powerful alongside your character.

In terms of content, Chains of Eternity focuses on EQII's afterlife via the realm of Ethernere and expansive new zones like the Obol Plains and the Eidolon Jungle. The update also boasts nine new dungeons as well as the ability for players to skip part of the game's alternate advancement grind. SOE is gifting two of your level 90 characters with 280 free AA (which is the minimum threshold for beginning the journey to max level).

Head past the cut for a roundup of all our Chains of Eternity coverage.

The Tattered Notebook: Touring Chains of Eternity with the EQII team
EverQuest II's newest expansion, Chains of Eternity, launches in just a few days. SOE Live brought a slew of news about both the expansion and the future of the game, and for longtime fans, there's a definite return to the game's roots.
EverQuest II's 8th anniversary: Celebrating a pivotal year
What a difference a day makes. And what a difference 365 days make! Every EverQuest II anniversary retrospective notes a number of changes, tweaks, and additions to the lands of Norrath, but none can boast the depth and breadth of changes that have happened over the previous 12 months.
SOE shows off EverQuest II's afterlife in new expansion video
EverQuest II's ninth expansion is less than a week away, so expect Sony Online Entertainment to ramp up the publicity machine in the coming days. The first salvo is a new video focused on Chains of Eternity's environmental spiffiness.
SOE Live 2012: EverQuest II interviews highlight focus on crafting, player stories
It is undeniable: Between panels, keynote addresses, and interviews, SOE Live offered fans a smorgasbord of information this year. Even as we reported on some information, more came our way.
SOE Live 2012: EQII's Chains of Eternity adding tradeskill prestige and much more
Players were so excited about some of the announcements made in yesterday's EveryQuest II's panel on mechanics for Chains of Eternity at SOE Live that the room erupted into applause multiple times.
SOE Live 2012: Friday keynote highlights DCUO, EQ, and EQII
Day two of SOE Live wrapped up with yet another keynote, this one focused on DC Universe Online, EverQuest, and EverQuest II. Creative Director Jens Anderson of DCUO, Executive Producer Thom Terrazas from EQ, Executive Producer Holly Longdale from EQII, and Dave Georgeson, the EQ Franchise head, all took a turn on stage to give a rundown of what each game had launched over the past year, and more importantly, where each is headed for the future.
New EverQuest II Sleeper's Tomb dungeon live, trailer released
EverQuest II's newest dungeon, Sleeper's Tomb, is now open for adventurers with both group and raid versions. This dungeon is just the first chapter of the game's Chains of Eternity expansion, which releases in November.
The Tattered Notebook: Are EQII expansions a square peg in the free-to-play model?
Last week's announcement of a new EverQuest II expansion was a surprise in many ways, but I think the biggest surprise of all is the fact that there is an expansion coming at all.
EverQuest II's Chains of Eternity expansion slated for November
Sony Online Entertainment has taken the wraps off EverQuest II's ninth expansion this afternoon. Chains of Eternity will release in November, and it will pile even more content on top of one of the MMO genre's most content-rich games.

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