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Sprint matching its peers, getting Windows Phone 8 devices next year


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Sprint was notably absent from the list of carriers adding Windows Phone 8 devices to their line-ups, but it seems the mobile network is not being left out altogether. PCMag has received a statement from Sprint which claims that it's allying with Microsoft to make WP8 handsets available "next year." Despite rumors an LTE model was destined for the carrier, nothing materialized, and the WP7-loaded HTC Arrive even disappeared from its ranks. It looks like these weren't signs the relationship had gone sour, and now at least, customers can be assured they won't need to switch providers to get their hands around a WP8 device. However, "next year" is a pretty big window, so we'd be hesitant to assume something's coming mere weeks into 2013. Waiting a while might not be so bad, though -- it could even mean an exclusive handset or two might find its way to steadfast patrons.

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