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Ubisoft shows interest in THQ assets


Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot says his company is interested in THQ's assets. Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Guillemot said the North American company has good brands, and that his own company is "always interested in good brands." He declined to go any further, but confirmed it's something Ubisoft "can consider."

THQ's struggles have surged in the wake of last week's blunt Q2 earnings call, with the company's stock decimated by half the day following. THQ's stock at the time of writing is $1.19 per share, compared to $3.02 on November 5.

EA obtained UFC rights from THQ earlier this year in exchange for an "undisclosed cash payment." Given the desperate situation and Guillemot's forwardness, more assets may well move on in the near future.

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