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YouTube Android app lets users find videos on their phone, play 'em on Google TV with one click


There are a lot more folks digging the YouTube Leanback experience these days, what with most many more sets packing Google TV than ever. Today, team YouTube has released an update to its Android app that makes it easier than ever to find videos on your phone and watch them on your GTV-equipped television. All that's required is for your TV and phone to be on the same WiFi network, and the app automatically pairs them. Then, simply tap the TV icon that appears, and presto, the video starts playing on your big screen -- no muss, no fuss. Naturally, the standard YouTube remote controls are still present, plus multiple devices can connect and add new videos to the playlist. Want to see the goods for yourself? The fresh code's available now for both Android and GTV, so let the updating begin.

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