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Apple keeps silenty improving Maps as Atlanta gets more Flyover coverage


Reader Andrew Hardin sends us this info:

"It seems that Apple has been doing some significant work to update Flyover content in some of the already-supported cities. In Atlanta, GA, they have significantly expanded Flyover coverage from just the downtown/Midtown core all the way out to the I-285 perimeter (minus the airspace in the immediate vicinity of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport). New areas include Cobb Galleria, Lenox/Buckhead, Decatur, and Sandy Springs/Perimeter.

Beyond Atlanta, where I live, I cannot report any changes as I do not frequently inspect the Flyover content of other cities. But, having done such a massive update to Atlanta's coverage (empirically, it's at least a 200% area increase), I suspect other cities may have gotten a similar treatment."

Last month AppleInsider noted the Brooklyn Bridge, among other 3D models, had been updated since Maps launched. It's also been noted that immediately after Maps launched and was roundly criticized, Apple posted a number of map engineer jobs. It seems the continuing efforts are paying off. It's no small matter to map the world, but Apple continues to sharpen their view of it every day.

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