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Snapz Pro upgrades to v2.5, adds Cocoa, Retina support


Snapz Pro X has never been a particularly beautiful application. It is, however, a very handy one. For authors and bloggers, it's been an indispensable tool in terms of screen capture -- letting you get very simple easy-to-tweak results with a minimum of interaction.

One of Snapz's key features is its ability to capture a movie from a user-selected portion of the OS X screen, adding optional Mac audio and microphone narration.

For static screen shots, it's also multi-screen aware, lets you carefully adjust image framing, select a single window to capture, or choose a pre-set fixed size segment.

Ambrosia's 2.5.0 is about to debut any second -- probably by end of business Thursday. This version is a complete ground-up rewrite of Snapz Pro X in Cocoa using modern APIs. You read that right. Seriously, Ambrosia just finally got around to dumping Carbon. It's a welcome update that dedicated users will breathe a sigh of relief to finally download.

This update should fix compatibility issues with MacOS X 10.8 (aka "Mountain Lion"), as well as full support for Retina displays. It's not prettier than previous versions but, as I found when participating in the recent Beta program, it's just as effective.

  • Pros: Easy to use, does what you need a tool like this to do.
  • Cons: Soviet-era aesthetics

Snapz Pro is a free upgrade for existing Snapz Pro X 2.x users or costs $69 for new purchasers.

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