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in:play is a minimalist music player with wonderfully easy gesture controls


In:play is a new music player for the iPhone that's elegant and easy to use. It has a minimalist interface with comfortably sized on-screen elements and gesture-based controls. It's designed so you can control basic playback functions without having to look at your screen and it's perfect for situations like driving or exercising when you can only spare a glance at your iPhone or iPod touch.

When you launch in:play for the first time, it will step you through the gestures that control playback and provide access to menu items. You can toggle playback by merely tapping anywhere on the screen -- tap once to pause, tap again to resume. You can also advance to the next or previous track by swiping left or right. There are a variety of gestures to learn, but they are all simple and can be mastered in just few minutes.

To help you switch between artists and songs, in:play uses a deep context navigation system that lets you tap on artist, album or song on your screen and swipe between those elements in your library. For example, you can listen to the Beatle's White album and tap/hold on the album name in in:play. A quick swipe from left to right and you will be listening to the songs in Sgt Pepper.

If you don't like this gesture navigation, then you can pull down a menu that contains a traditional alphabetical list that's organized by songs, album, artists, playlists and songs. There are other neat features like a night mode and support for AirPlay that round out this app. The biggest feature missing from in:play is search, which is something bigbluecouch plans to add in an upcoming version. It also doesn't pull down music from iTunes match as those songs stored in the cloud are only accessible to Apple's music player. Songs have to be downloaded to your iOS device before in:play can access them.

in:play is perfect for listening to music while you run, drive or are otherwise occupied. It's also a great player for people who want a pleasing player experience. You don't have to hunt through complex menus and difficult-to-tap onscreen elements. You don't have to squint to see your track information or worry about searching for that tiny play button.

in:play is available for US$0.99 from the iOS App Store. It's on sale this week and will jump up to its regular $1.99 price tag soon.

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