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Voyager Mobile promises free global roaming with 'patent-pending' technology


Voyager Mobile has launched a new "worldwide" wireless service called Project Global Voyager, saying users on the plan "won't pay a penny of roaming charges." The brash new MVNO has only vaguely described how it works, saying that the technology is "completely network cloud based, with no special software residing on the individual handsets and devices." Though it hasn't revealed pricing yet, Voyager says the service will be available to businesses and consumers starting in 2013. Color us intrigued as to how they'll pull it off -- feel free to read the PR tea leaves after the break.

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Voyager Mobile announces Project Global Voyager, technology eliminates roaming charges internationally

NOVEMBER 14, 2012, Knoxville, TN – Voyager Mobile has introduced its new international communications technology at the MVNOs Industry Summit USA 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Project Global Voyager is Voyager Mobile's exclusive, patent-pending global wireless technology that promotes cell phone usage across the world – without any roaming charges, period.

During the keynote speech, John Mardini, President of Voyager Mobile, said, "It's technology that promotes collaboration between companies, vendors, employees, and customers wherever they may be in the world. It's technology that keeps a mom in touch with her son while he's backpacking throughout Europe. And, it's technology that keeps doctors in Africa in constant communication with their counterparts in the US."

Project Global Voyager promotes international voice, SMS, and data worldwide on dual GSM and CDMA devices, without a penny of roaming charges. The technology is completely network cloud based, with no special software residing on the individual handsets and devices.

Mardini said, "This is a true home network worldwide – one of the first of its kind, available for both retail and enterprise, and it's coming exclusively to Voyager Mobile in 2013."

About Voyager Mobile

Voyager Mobile revolutionized wireless in May 2012 with its unlimited wireless plans starting at $17 per month. Voyager Mobile is America's Lowest Cost Wireless Provider, offering nationwide 3G, 4G WiMAX, and 4G LTE wireless services on an expansive network reaching over 270 million people across the United States. Based in Knoxville, TN, Voyager Mobile's initiatives have changed the wireless industry through its Unlimited Wireless Plans and Low-Cost Prices, while promoting Shrinking Payments, Bring-Your-Friends, Voyager @ Home, and the industry-leading frequent talker program, Voyager Rewards. Voyager Mobile sells its products and services exclusively through its online store at

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