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Court adds iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S III to patent lawsuit


Both Samsung and Apple may expand their patent infringement claims to include recently released devices, says a report in Computerworld. A California judge handed down an order that let Apple add the Jelly Bean OS and new Samsung products like the Note 10.1 and the Galaxy S III to an ongoing patent lawsuit between the two companies.

The same order also lets Samsung amend its infringement device list to include the iPhone 5 and possibly both the iPad mini and the iPad fourth generation. The order was handed down by Paul S. Grewal, Magistrate Judge of US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Apple filed this lawsuit in February 2012 and is one of two cases that are making their way through the California court system. In the other case, a jury ruled in favor of Apple and awarded Apple a $1.05 billion judgment.

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