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Sega's 'Model 2' fighting trio hitting XBLM, PSN in Japan Nov. 28


Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter 2, and Fighting Vipers are coming to Japan's Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on November 28. That's only confirmed for Japan, and there remain no dates for a Western release. However, all three games received ratings from German software regulator USK earlier this year.

The dates are confirmed on Sega Japan's official website for the 'Model 2 Collection.' The trio of retro fighters are now 400 MSP each, a change from the original announcement of 800 MSP. Oddly, the PS3 price remains at 800 yen, which converts to around $10. However, the three can be bought in a set for 1500 yen, which converts to around $18.50.

The site still lists the collection's two other games, Virtual-On and Virtua Striker, as coming soon. In the meantime, we've reached out to Sega for further details on a possible Western release for the collection.

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