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Vita PS Plus puzzler Chronovolt set to roll into North America next month


Chronovolt, a launch game for PlayStation Plus's Vita service in Europe, should be coming to North America next month, developer Playerthree tells us. The Marble Madness-like puzzler will be free via European PS Plus on November 21. Playerthree development director Luigi Fumero tells us his company's working with Sony to make it a free PS Plus game in North America too.

Naturally you're guiding your marble around Chronovolt by tilting the Vita, but as the video above shows there's a bit of timey-wimey stuff going on, mainly because your marble is in fact a Chronosphere - no, not a la Red Alert. You can rewind a la Sands of Time to correct your mistakes, this done by putting two fingers on the front touchscreen. You can also tap specific objects to freeze them in a kind of time stasis, a la, er, Red Dwarf. You can see this in the video above, with the two pieces being frozen so they align into a handy bridge.

Chronovolt features time-based leaderboards, and you can send challenges (timed races) to your friends. Playerthree also says it's planning to make more levels available via DLC.

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