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iPhone 101: Switch Panorama direction

Mel Martin

Want to go right-to-left when you create a panorama on your iPhone? There's a tap for that. Yes, if, for whatever reason, the left-to-right default is getting old, just tap on the arrow that appears on screen. The arrow will flip, allowing you to pan the other way while you are creating your ultra-pixel masterpiece.

The panorama feature was added to iOS 6 and requires either the new iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S. Remember, that if you take a full panorama the image could be more than 16 megabytes, but if you send it from the phone it will be scaled down. Be sure to transfer the original to your computer to keep the high resolution version if you want it.

Check the gallery and you can see the arrow going either way.

Gallery: Reverse the direction of panoramas in iOS 6 | 2 Photos

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