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A glut of Wii U guts and specs revealed


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Anand Lal Shimpi is a much braver person than we could ever hope to be, tearing open Nintendo's new Wii U console for a detailed look at its innards. The tear down reveals the Wii U is powered by a multi-chip module – a PowerPC-based CPU – built using IBM's 45-nanometer manufacturing method; the GPU is comparable to AMD's RV7xx series of cards and shares 2GB of DDR3 RAM with the CPU.

As for power consumption, the Wii U doesn't take much, drawing 32.8 watts of power when booting up the console's dashboard. In testing New Super Mario Bros. U, Shimpi discovered the console draws only 33 watts of power during gameplay; less required energy than any other home video game console on the market right now. Now maybe Green Peace will ease up a little on Mario's masters?

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