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Black Ops 2 still freezing on PS3 for some players despite patch


Despite releasing a patch addressing the issue, Activision is still receiving reports of Black Ops 2 freezing on PS3. Going by the post-patch thread on Activision's forums, users are experiencing a variety of lock-up issues, with some unable to get past initial loading screens.

Complaints about the PS3 version arose quickly after Black Ops 2's launch last week, with widespread reports of the game freezing and requiring a reset, and even of the console shutting itself off in-game. The complaints weren't tied to one particular event, although freezes commonly occurred during online multiplayer.

Activision released patch 1.03 on Saturday, November 17, specifically addressing the freezing issue. However, a day later the publisher said it's aware "some customers are still experiencing PS3 lock-ups after installing the patch" and that it hopes to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

While complaints are plentiful, the latest Call of Duty continues to sell. In the UK, Black Ops 2 enjoyed the fourth biggest launch ever for a video game, while worldwide it took in a whopping $500 million in its first day alone.

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