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Rumor Roundup: Yes, no, maybe so


There weren't many rumors this week, but there were two hilarious instances of rumors almost immediately being contradicted by other sources. Fact-checking isn't a four-letter word, guys. It's one four-letter word, a hyphen, and... I've lost you, haven't I? Oh well.

Rumor: Release of new iMacs may be delayed into 2013 (AppleInsider)

As noted today, supplies are constrained, but iMacs are still expected to be available on schedule.

Apple to Begin Trial Production of iPhone 5S for Earlier Than Expected Launch? (MacRumors)

"DigiTimes relays a report," is as far as I got before I closed the browser tab. Out of morbid curiosity, I reopened it and found that MacRumors considered the actual source, the Commercial Times, to have a "spotty record." It's nothing to be ashamed of; my dog also had a spotty record until I got her house trained.

Reports out of Asia: New iPhone 5S, iPad & Apple TV to launch in 1st half of 2013, Samsung hiking prices on Apple processors | 9to5Mac

The iPhone 5S, iPad, and Apple TV bits came from the same "spotty" source, so they can safely be ignored. The story about Samsung increasing prices on A5 and A6 processors set off a firestorm across the Apple blogosphere this week, however, with pretty much everyone speculating it was a direct counter-reaction to Apple's victory in its patent suit against Samsung.

Small problem...

Report: Samsung will not increase price of A-series processors (9to5 Mac)

An "unnamed Samsung official" denied the price increase. Oh, well. I guess this means we've all learned our lesson, and we'll never cite a sketchy source on a sensationalistic topic ever again.

Oh, wait.

Apple HDTV announcement said to be 'imminent' (BGR)

Some analyst says the long-awaited, never-proven-to-exist Apple HDTV is "imminent." Obviously this guy we've never heard of must be a credible source familiar with the matter, because this story got plastered all over my RSS feed.

Small problem...

Apple HDTV's 'imminent' release shot down in new report (BGR)

A person with a little more credibility concerning all things Apple, namely AllThingsD's John Paczkowski, doused this rumor with a bucket of logical, cold water. That naturally didn't get quite as much attention as the rumor itself; the outrageous claims always get more attention than the arguments debunking them. Isn't that right, every single political pundit ever?

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