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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune card game announced for Vita, hits PSN Dec. 4


Sony Bend officially announced Uncharted: Fight for Fortune today, a turn-based card game coming to Vita via PSN on December 4, priced at $4.99. Fight for Fortune features card-based combat using heroes, villains, artifacts, and mercenaries taken from the action-adventure series. As the above video shows, players can take on others in asynchronous multiplayer, meaning turns don't have to be played while the other player's online. Fight for Fortune will also interact with fellow Vita series entry Golden Abyss, letting players use treasures earned in that game to aid them in Fight for Fortune's battles.

Fight for Fortune was outed earlier this month on Australian and Brazilian ratings boards, with One Loop Games noted as the developer. Sony Bend confirmed today One Loop is involved with the game.

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