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WoW Moviewatch: The Tale of Cloran Hastings by Oxhorn

Dawn Moore
The latest work from beloved machinima artist Brandon M. Dennis, a.k.a. Oxhorn, is ... A book! Apparently Oxhorn's writing talents go beyond clever song lyrics and comedic shorts, as he's just published his first novel, a fantasy called The Tale of Cloran Hastings. To publicize the release of the book, Oxhorn has made a machinima teaser trailer to introduce us to the story.

Watching the trailer, we're given glimpses of far off lands, man-killing crabs, and a mysterious, watery hand reaching out from the sea. We're only given a vague sense of the story though, which is reminiscent of the Odyssey, but with a darker and tense mood. What do you think? Does the trailer make you want to read the book?

If you're curious, here's an excerpt from the back cover.

"A wave of water in the shape of a clawed hand crashes onto the deck of Wavegrazer. The wheel spins violently; the ship lurches and Cloran's men are flung into the sea. As the masts break and the sky goes black, one name flutters across Cloran's lips. 'Adaire...'

"Cloran has spent his life at sea and is set to retire. He hopes to marry his long-suffering fiancée Adaire, but his hopes are dashed when King Bozin sends him on one final journey to the far-flung icy island city of Miotes. This time, however, the Sea is jealous of Cloran, and will never give him up to Adaire freely. Alas, Cloran has no choice, and accepts the mission begrudgingly. 'One final journey,' he tells himself. No matter what happens, it will be his last."

More information can be found at the book's official site.

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